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Consignors Have It Easy Working Our 24/7 Program.

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Do I need to make an appointment to bring my items in?

No, you do not need an appointment, you can stop in anytime during normal business hours Monday through Friday for Clothing; Monday through Saturday for furniture.  However if you have large, or oversized items for our furniture department, that are going to be a challenge to bring in you may want to email a photo of the item(s) to us at, to make sure it is something that we will be able to accept.

What types of items do you accept?


We will consider any furniture or decorative items that are in like-new condition. All items should be free of pet/smoke odors, dust and dirt, stains or tears. Remember the better the condition of your items, the more we can ask for them so if they need a cleaning or a coat of paint, please do so before bringing them in.  Current, contemporary items in great shape sell quickly. We do not accept small collectibles such as precious moments and collector plates. We do not accept china.


We are looking for current, in season, trendy women's clothing items, in like new condition, preferably purchased within the last 2 to 3 years. We do not accept children's, juniors or men's clothing. We love designer labels but are open to any brand as long as the item is  fashionable! We ask that items are clean, free of odors, stains and pet hair, gently folded in a bin or basket. We are no longer accepting items in garbage bags. We ask that you choose your best items and limit them to 25 per visit, unless other arrangements have been made.

Our consignment contract is for 60 days. On or before the end date, if you want to pick up any unsold items, we will build a list for you.  We wish we could help, but you will have to find them on your own.  After that time, unclaimed items become property of Twila’s Treasures.   At that point we may donate or clearance said items at our discretion. Donations receipts are available, after the first of the year, upon request.  We now donate to Our Community Hunger Center in Twinsburg.

How much money will I make on my items?

It is a 50/50 split. Meaning whatever we sell the item for you will receive 50% of the sale price. The pricing is based of the market. Sometimes it is 1/3 of the retail price but we can not guarantee that.  We will email a list of your items with prices within 48 hours. 


Furniture prices will vary dependent upon the demand for the item, and condition it is in. Keep in mind that sales and discounts are offered at our discretion.

When / How am I paid for my consignments?

Anytime an item of yours sells it will automatically update your account balance. Money on your account will never expire, it can be used in the store as credit towards purchases or, you can pick up a check in store at the end of your consignment period.

What if I can't get my item to the store?

We will pick up larger items for a fee.  This fee is paid at the time of pick up, and varies depending on how far from the store the items are located.   If you call the store at (330) 425-9386 we will be able to give you the number of a pick up and delivery service we use.

Will I be notified every time something sells?

No, you are more than welcome to stop in and check on your account or go to and follow the prompts for consignor login. Here you will find any outstanding balance information on your account! 

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