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Fall 2023 Color Trends, Home & Fashion

Post pandemic mode, visions of the future, evolving lifestyles and mood setters; fall color trends cover confidence and rebalance. Colors range from vibrant to healing. Let's take a look at the colors that are predicted or have already hit the runway.

Lavender: This tone is calm, soothing and balancing. Look for it in fitness wear and occasion wear.

Mid Tone Red: Think Mar's landscape! This color will be seen in knit wear, outerwear and even interiors.

Cobalt Blue: A dynamic color that will be influential in active wear, jewelry and special occasion finds.

Sage: This comforting color is healing with the ability to decrease stress and anxiety. Look for this in furniture and wall color. We will see this transitional color in knits, faux fur, velvets and linens.

Mid Tone Orange: Not sherbet, but a great color that may carry on to spring 2024. This restorative color will be used in bathroom textiles, active wear and outerwear.

Clay: A Neutral tan that flatters all skin tones, eye color and hair shades.

Magenta: Noted as the color of the year and seen in the popular Barbie movie, this is your statement piece. Style it monochromatic or as a brilliant accent.

Chalky Cream/Bone: We called it winter white! Look for it in footwear, as a quiet luxury or an amazing neutral.

Burgundy: Seen as a trend in social medial and liked by European designers.

Chocolate Brown: Designers are calling it the new black. This versatile color is easily paired with other neutrals or as a stand-alone look.

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