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Spring 23 Forecast

Updated: Jan 18

It's not too early to think spring and its forecast of colors! Luckily most people can wear any color, it's getting the correct shade and how near to your face that is the challenge. Do pay attention if warm or cool colors suit you. Not sure? Ask a friend or makeup artist.

Magenta: This color, more grown up than fuchsia, is best for formal and cocktail wear. You will see it in tulle, ruffles and prom dressing. As a casual look, try accessories or statement separates.

Earthy Orange: A color usually saved for fall; we have seen it as a favorite with designers. This color is shown with olive and turquoise. It pairs beautifully with natural fibers such as linen, cotton or hemp. Runways also presented it as monochromatic.

Olive Green: This shade, usually considered a casual color is still used in cargo pants, but this year, look for it in a silky slip dress or blazer. Pair it with colors of nature or spring's earthy orange. If olive is too warm a color for your skin tone, you can always wear it in bottoms.

Pale Pink: Not the Barbie pink of winter, this pink is pale and subdued. Nurturing and self-care are associated with this color, so it's perfect for the post pandemic climate. This pink is not for party dresses, yet you may see it as a feather trim for a vintage vibe or the color choice for lounge wear. Pink patterns are just as influential.

Tranquil Blues: You may see variations of these blues in clothing, but 2023 pale blue is to be used as a neutral. Think the love and versatility of denim. Since this blue pairs well with many colors, look for it is shoes, swimwear and floral patterns.

Yellow: Optimistic yellow was strong on the runway. Wear with gray or camel in early spring or white and blue in the later warmer months. Luckily there is a shade of yellow for all skin tones. See it in special occasion wear and splashes against neutrals.

Creige: Not a wall color and not greige, this is a combo of cream and beige. A 2023 sophisticated trend and neutral. This color definitely has warm undertones. You will see this in handbags sportswear and jackets.

Metallics: Glow with reflecting molten metallics. Runways were bombarded with silver, gold and bronze. Keep in mind that you need the correct tone when jewelry is near you face. Cool toned skin needs silver, pewter or gold, while warmer skin tones lean towards copper and

bronze. Mix metallic tops with black or navy.

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