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Top Turkey Day and Holiday Styles

Cherry red- this vibrant statement color has many hues and is definitely the hottest color of the season. If this color seems difficult to pull off, try accessorizing with a scarf, bag over your shoulder, skirt or a festive shade for your lips. And who doesn't love a pair of cherry red shoes!

A Textile trend spotted is soft mohair, seen as separates, pant sets or skirt sets. Also popular are thick fair isle sweaters and chunky cable knits. Lastly, over the top faux furs with the intention to be worn everywhere!

Cargo/utility pants are still popular, look for them in denim. You will find them baggy and comfortable. Back again are novelty cardigans. From faux fur trims to ribbons and fun buttons.

Holiday finds on Amazon's top list that you CAN find at Twila's this season!

Oversized wraps, vests, cardigans, casual button downs, ribbed neck turtlenecks, plaid overshirt blouses, pleated skirts, miniskirts and floral Boho baby doll dresses.

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