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Consigning at Twila's

Twila’s Treasures first opened its doors in Twinsburg, Ohio in 2008. Named after the store owner’s mother, Twila’s has always strived to be a welcoming place for customers, consignors, and guests to have a boutique experience at affordable prices.

Selling both women’s fashion and home store items, the boutique has one of the largest selections of gently-used, high-end items in the area.

However, Twila’s doesn’t do all the work on its own. Consignors work with our employees to offer the best selection of inventory possible, and the results are much different than that of traditional thrift stores.

Consignors who partner with Twila’s follow a standard process that helps streamline our inventory and keep it current.

- Potential inventory is accepted Monday through Friday during store hours. Saturdays are very busy, so only home store items are considered.

- On a consignor’s first visit, a contract is reviewed and consignor number assigned.

- Consignors have the option of creating an account on myresaleweb.com to follow their inventory and see what is sold, when, and for how much.

- Consignors are asked to bring in no more than 25 items at a time. However, the items can be an assortment of different types of clothing, shoes, and accessories.

o The home store also has a similar intake process, and asks that smaller items be brought in to be considered for consignment while larger items require only a picture for initial consideration.

- Employees sort through the items and accept those things that are free of stains and holes, have been only gently used, are well laundered, and are needed to fill our inventory.

o Higher-end brands are accepted before lower ones, and only seasonal items are considered. (We are currently taking inventory for Summer).

- Twila’s has a 60 day consignment contract. Once an item has been in our inventory for 60 days and has not sold, consignors have the option of leaving the item to become store property or picking up their items to take them back.

- Checks are written and cash dispersed at the end of the 60 day contract, and all consigno

rs receive 50% of the sale price for each item that is sold.

- Account balances accrue during the 60 time period and those balances can be used as store credit at any time.

- Twila’s takes great care to price inventory reasonably while also striving to get top dollar for all items. We frequently bring in high-end items, and we make sure the prices reflect the original cost of purchase.

o You can expect items to be priced 50% to 66% lower than the original store price.

By bringing in only the best quality, and keeping our inventory current to the season, Twila’s is able to provide an ever rotating selection that stays up-to-date with popular brands, trends and styles. And, just as we have since the very first day we opened, Twila’s works hard to provide boutique experience where shoppers can peruse great products at great prices.

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