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Consigning Artwork

Twila's appreciates all styles of wall art and attempts to say "yes" to most pieces.

However, styles and trends do change and sometimes we have to say, "no thank you".

Our decisions are solely based on "how well it will sell".

We generally take mirrors, framed, canvas and sculptured decor. Frames must be in good condition, free of scratches or chips. Art must not show fading from sun. Mirrors need to be free of wear and fading.

We prefer more contemporary styles and media that is not more than 5 years old. There are occasions where unique or timeless pieces pique our interest or design style, and we will sometime say "yes" to those pieces.

Pastel florals, children at play, animals and landscapes do not have a quick turnover and we often decline this type of art.

Interest in wrought iron such as sconces, candle holders or swirly pieces has declined, and we have begun to limit or refuse this type of art as well.

We enjoy being able to consign your loved pieces but please keep the list below in mind as you collect your items.

We do NOT accept the following:

Art faded from sun

Weak or broken frames

No frames of any kind

Self-framed photos of vacations

High school art

Pornographic art

Dated color schemes or designs

Framed jigsaw puzzles

Unframed artwork

Hanging decorative plates

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