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Back To School

July is nearly over, and that means that it’s time to start thinking about Fall… and heading back to school! Most families will head to Target, Walmart, and stores with Back-to-School sales like Old Navy. But, don’t forget about Twila’s! We have name brand clothes and accessories perfect for your high school or college age girl.

The best part!?! High-end brands, like those sold in our boutique, tend to last longer and hold up better than their more cheaply priced counterparts, and at Twila’s you can get those name brands on sale every day. We never sell our consignment items for full retail price. Instead, you can expect to pay between 50-66% below retail value for most items in our Boutique.

With sizes ranging from extra small and petite through plus size, Miss Me & True Religion Jeans, Anthropolgie Tops, Sketchers Shoes, and Francesca’s Dresses are just some of the name brand items we regularly have in our inventory.

Does your own work wardrobe need freshening up? Right now is a great time to stop in to get those staple items (pants, tops, and shoes) or fun fashion pieces (accessories, cardigans, or handbags) that will give your wardrobe a fresh and updated look as we head into fall!

So when it’s time to head back to the store to update your school or work wardrobe, remember Twila’s. Our boutique has everything you need to get you ready for Fall!

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