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Building A Capsule Wardrobe

History of Capsule Wardrobing

The trend of minimalist versatile dressing with high quality clothing began in the 70's at a London boutique called Wardrobe. By 1985 the concept spread to the USA and designer Diana Karan created her 7 easy Pieces line. The trend is back and has a strong presence in social media. Most likely because it can make dressing and styling so much easier.

Why Capsule Dressing?

Managing Decision Fatigue: This keeps our busy brain from getting tired as we will have less decisions! Choice is easier and you will love all that you choose.

More Time: You will know your style, what works and what you need to buy. Dressing is quick and effortless. Shopping online or in the stores is easier.

More Sustainable: Capsule Dressing is a sustainable approach to dressing. Typically, you own less pieces. You will wear these pieces for years and therefore save money and waste.

Less Stress: Your fit, your style, clothing maintenance and fewer choices minimize stress. You will find fabric care, packing and even moving a lot easier.

4 Easy Steps to Building a Capule Wardrobe

  1. Do audit your closet. Determine what you wear regularly and what you never touch. If it hasn't been worn in a few months, don't add to your capsule.

  2. Consider your lifestyle and activities. This will determine what you need and wear regularly.

  3. Your daily routine determines how your capsule is built.

  4. Choose your favorite pieces and analyze why you love them. This task will help you understand your style and preferences. In addition, you will find colors, structure, silhouettes and fabrics that you love.


Now that you have chosen what you love the most, decide on the number of pieces you want to experiment with. Keep in mind climate, location, lifestyle and how often you do laundry.

Rules are what will work best for you. Standard color basics are black, gray, navy, cream and white. These basics will work well together and with many other colors.

You now have interchangeable clothing that is easy to mix and match. Keep it interesting by adding accent colors that are either seasonal or great with your skin tone. Clothing should be flattering to your body type. If you continue to think sustainability, choose natural organic fibers.

It is now time to get rid of the clothing you don't want. Say goodbye to all you do not love, whether because of fit, color or style. Think about donating or reselling. Anything left should correspond to what you want in your capsule.

Please start with what you already have. Starting from scratch is unsustainable and expensive. Choose your basics and avoid trendy.

Additional Considerations

  • When looking for quality pieces, buy secondhand or sustainable brands. Capsule dressing needs to last longer.

  • Adding pattern is an option but make sure they are timeless. Stipes or polka dots are a great example.

  • Don't forget coats, shoes and handbags!

  • Ohio with its unpredictable seasons... we need special considerations!

Keep in your closet only clothes that are in season.

Store away others.

You should have 4 different capsules, with few that stay all year round.

  • Capsule wardrobing should start with about 30 pieces.

Good luck and have fun building your best wardrobe yet!

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