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Decorating with Used Furniture and Accessories

Searching for a unique and quality look for your room? Do you have champagne taste but a beer budget?

Are you concerned about repurposing. Start expanding your searches to gently used furniture and accessories. Items can be found thrifting, resale shopping or simply using family donations. Collected pieces add meaning and character to any room.

The first step is embracing an eclectic style or mixing lots of textures, design styles and eras, plus color. Learn to love juxtaposition. However, you will need a strong foundation. This means base furniture or large pieces such as sofas and rugs need to be neutral. This will decrease pieces from competing with each other.

When choosing unique pieces, think of alternative uses; grandma's dresser can become a coffee station or bar. Framed art can be used as a tray. Small vases can hold spoons or makeup brushes. Also, nontraditional spaces can hold a unique piece.

Older upholstered furniture can get a new life by recovering with a more modern fabric or animal print. Use a throw or pillow to cover a bare spot or coordinate color. Painted pieces add new life and pop.

Mixing pieces and using an eclectic style takes some thought. The search can be fun

and rewarding. For sure it will be a great conversation.

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