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We at Twila’s love our consignors. Not only do they help provide us with the best inventory possible for all our customers, but sometimes the items they bring us are real treasures! Name brands are always a favorite, but one brand that we never get tired of seeing is Chico’s!

Did you know we have an entire section of our boutique dedicated specifically to Chico’s items?

The Florida company, whose unique designs and bold prints stand out in a crowd, has been a favorite of ours for years for many reasons…

1. Their clothes comes in sizes for everyone XS to Plus size.

2. Their clothing ranges from casual to dressy- and everything in between.

3. Their items are always well-made and hold up to multiple wears and washes without fading or losing their shape.

4. The colors, fabrics, and patterns are FUN! Seriously, if you need something one-of-a-kind, bright, or special… check out the Chico’s section!

5. The overall look of Chico’s brand clothes is timeless. At any size or any age, you are sure to find something that will become your new favorite!

We love getting clothing of all types from all brands and designers, but over time we have learned that Chico’s is simply one that works well for us time and time again. Check them out, and see for yourself whether or not Chico’s fits in with your style!

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