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Keeping It Real!

We love our job, and there is nothing more fun than getting high end items from our consignors. But, we also know that not everything with a designer name is authentic, we take care to make sure that the only items we put out on our floor are ones that are true to their name!

Twila’s is a member of NARTS (The National Association of Resale and Thrift Shops), and NARTS members are committed to selling only authenticated high end items. There are many reasons to do this, but a few of the biggest are because…

* Selling knock-off items is actually more harmful than you think. It can help perpetuate an industry based on illegal activities both in the USA and worldwide.

* Because of this, it’s a Federal Crime to resell knock-off items, even when they are labeled as being fake.

* Selling authenticated items has a more positive economic impact on retail as a whole.

* NARTS members are committed to Integrity. We wouldn’t cheat on a test, and we aren’t going to cheat at work either.

The next time you find yourself admiring one of our gorgeous Coach handbags, Michael Kors belts, or Prada shoes, you can be assured that they’re the real deal!

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