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Let's Talk About Sizing!

Have you ever noticed that every brand out there today seems to have a sizing plan all their own? What a large is in one brand might be a small in another. Frequently, this can be a frustration and major hassle.

We’ve all heard for years that the numbers on clothing… and shoes… can fluctuate, but instead of being educated on how to shop, most leave stores annoyed and dissatisfied by the lack of cohesion.

We have some suggestions to help make shopping more fun!

Check them out below…

1) Stop looking at the numbers/letters! Sure, you can use them as a guide. But seriously, the number on the clothing really doesn’t matter! What matters is how you look and feel in it.

2) Start inspecting the clothing a bit more closely. Actually, take time to compare the piece to your own body. Does it look too big? Too small? Just, right? If it seems like it’s in the ballpark, give it a shot.

3) Start educating yourself on brands. Did you know that most European brands run small? While common big box store brands run large?

4) Just because it is in a section you don’t normally shop, doesn’t mean it won’t fit perfectly. Love a top in a plus size but you’re usually in the Misses range? Try the top on in the smallest available size and see if it looks good.

5) Learn how to work with cut and fabric. Some fabric stretches, some doesn’t. Find out which ones do and take note when you find them.

6) Make the effort to learn what styles look best on you too. Short legs? Try long maxi dresses to give you a longer silhouette. Small hips? Go with a flared skirt. Large hips? Try a look that hugs more or is straight.

7) Tailoring is your friend! Find a tailor whom you love and work their services into your clothing budget. If you find an article of clothing that is too big or small, take it to them and let them work their magic!

8) Shopping is supposed to be fun! Don’t let the stress of looking for clothes ruin the fun of shopping. Instead, understand that flexibility with sizing is the key to creating a beautiful wardrobe you love and feel comfortable and confident in!

Our boutique is not only for bargain shopping name brands, but our employees can help when trying to find that perfect outfit. Whether you need to punch something up with fun accessories or find the perfect look- we know how to find flattering options for ever shape and size!

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